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Refrigerator Repair in Redmond, WA, and Seattle, WA

Your refrigerator is essential to preserving and storing your food for the week. If your refrigerator breaks down or is not functioning properly, you want to ensure you can turn to a professional who will efficiently get the job done. Therefore, turn to the experts at Carter Brothers Refrigerator Service for all your refrigerator needs.


At Carter Brothers Refrigerator Service, we proudly provide refrigerator repair service to anyone in need of assistance in or around Redmond, WA. With our services, you can rest assured that your refrigerator will be working again in no time.


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Our Refrigerator Repair Services

If you notice condensation on the outside of your fridge, food going bad quickly, hot coils, or hear weird noises, you may be in need of refrigerator repair. When you turn to us in your time of need, a technician from our team will arrive at your home or business, assess the problem, and take action to provide you with a long-lasting solution.


We understand that the longer your refrigeration problem goes unsolved you are wasting valuable time and money that can be used elsewhere. We are dedicated to providing quality service you can rely on through our detailed approach to exceed your expectations on repairs.


Choose Carter Brothers Refrigerator Service

At Carter Brothers Refrigerator Service, we want you to get the most use and life out of your refrigerator. With the best service and reasonable prices, you can have peace of mind that your most vital appliance will be of service to you again.


As a family-owned and -operated business, we will service your refrigerator as if it was the one in our own home. We will repair them right the first time, no matter what time of day your refrigerator problem occurs.


For more information on our refrigerator repair in Redmond, WA, contact us today through our contact page.